Thunderbolt 4 BLAZE Docking Station

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Thunderbolt 4 Blazing Performance

Designed for when speed and performance matter, the thunderbolt 4 certified dual monitor dock provides a massive 40Gbps bandwidth for connecting external displays and high-speed peripherals such as external hard drives. Unlike existing Thunderbolt docks which only provide a single Thunderbolt downstream port, the ALOGIC BLAZE docking station is a multiport Thunderbolt 4 dock that can connect up to 3x downstream Thunderbolt 4 / USB4.0 peripherals. With the addition of the inbuilt SD 4.0 card reader this dual display dock offers unparalleled productivity for creative professionals.

Single Cable Simplicity –96W Charging

This thunderbolt 4k dual display docking station truly does it all – and all over a single cable. In addition to transferring data and video over a single connection to the computer, our universal thunderbolt 4 dock can also provide up to 96W power delivery to charge laptops using USB Power Delivery technology. This is sufficient to power almost any notebook PC including 16” MacBook devices.

Comprehensive Connectivity

The ALOGIC BLAZE thunderbolt 4 certified 4k dual docking station features a comprehensive range of ports to allow connection of all standard peripherals including:

3 x Thunderbolt/USB-C (40G)

3 x USB-A (10G)

1 x USB-A with Mobile Device Charging (480Mbps)

Gigabit Ethernet

Combo Headphone/Microphone Jack

SD 4.0 Card Reader

Dual Ultra-High Definition Display:

4K@60HzThe BLAZE thunderbolt 4 dock provides dual 4K display support for Thunderbolt equipped host computers and single monitor support for hosts connected using USB as follows:Thunderbolt 3 or 4: Dual 4K monitors at 60Hz*USB-C (DP Alt Mode): Single 4K monitor at up to 60Hz†

Frequently Asked Questions


How many screens can I connect to with this dock? What resolutions does it support?
Thunderbolt 3/4, USB 4.0 Hosts
Dual Display: 4K (3840 x 2160) at 60Hz*

USB-C USB 3.x Hosts
Single Display: 4K (3840 x 2160) at up to 60Hz†

* M1 based Apple devices can only support a single external monitor connected via Thunderbolt or USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode. † USB-C port must be DisplayPort 1.4 Alternate Mode compatible for 4K output at 60Hz. Machines supporting DisplayPort 1.2 will output resolutions up 2560x1600 at 60Hz or 4K at 30Hz.
How fast can this charge my laptop?
When connected to the supplied 135W power adapter, the dock can provide up to 90W power to your computer.


Video doesn’t show on external display
Ensure that the power supply is plugged into the dock and switched on at the wall
Check that the USB-C video cable is connected securely between the monitor and device and the device is securely connected to the computer
Check that the external monitor is turned on and set to the correct input
Check that your computer is detecting the external display and is set to show video on it
Check that the USB-C port on the computer that you have connected the dock to is a Thunderbolt port or a USB-C port that supports video output using DisplayPort Alternate Mode
If the computer doesn’t detect the external monitor or output video after checking the above, restart your computer and attempt again
If connecting to a monitor with a USB-C or Thunderbolt input, ensure that the cable you are using supports full speed data. Many USB-C cables are intended for charging only and only support USB 2.0.
Video drops out intermittently
Check that the USB-C video cable is connected securely between the display and device
Check that the device is securely connected to the computer
Check that the USB-C video cable being used to connect to the display is of good quality and isn’t damaged
Computer doesn’t start charging when the device is connected
Ensure that the power supply is connected at the wall and turned on, and the USB-C cable supplying power is securely connected to the computer
Verify that the port on the computer is a Thunderbolt port or a USB-C port that supports charging from a USB PD power source
  • SKU: TB4D3TB
  • Barcode (EAN): ()
  • Displays: Single display, Dual display
  • Displays: Dual display
  • Host Connection Technology: USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 or 4
  • Operating System: Mac (Apple), Windows (Microsoft)
  • 4K: Yes
  • Mac Processor Type: M1/M2, M1/M2 Ultra/Pro/Max, Intel
  • USB Port: 4+
  • Display supported on Mac M1/M2: Single display
  • Card Reader: Yes
  • Display supported on Mac M1/M2 Ultra/Pro/Max: Single display, Dual display
  • Gigabit Ethernet: Yes
  • Display supported on Mac Intel: Single display, Dual display
  • Display supported on Windows: Single display, Dual display
  • Display supported on Chrome: Single display
  • Display supported Universal: Single display, Dual display
  • Video Outputs: Thunderbolt
  • Docking Station Type: Desktop
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Laptop Charging: 96W
  • Physical Characteristics: Aluminium Body (Space grey)
  • Additional Features: Ethernet, 3.5mm Audio, Card Reader
  • System Requirement: USB-C DP Alt Mode. Port
  • Certifications: VELUC4A36
  • Packaging: Retail
  • Device Compatibility: Apple, Microsoft
  • Packaging: Retail