Iris Webcam A09

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1080p Video with AI Powered Autofocus

Grainy or poorly-lit video calls, conferences and streams can be distracting. Worse still, they can look unprofessional. ALOGIC built a CMOS sensor into its Iris Webcam so the camera constantly tracks and focuses on the user and subjects in shot.

The metallic-finished camera has the smarts to focus on your movement and quickly adjust its video for high resolution recording. This is a big benefit when you use Iris-compatible video conferencing software such as Zoom, Messenger, Skype, or Teams.

A Webcam for Privacy-Conscious Professionals at Home

For privacy-conscious camera users, the Iris Webcam features a privacy filter that’s been purpose-built to complement the device’s overall design. The privacy cover enables camera users to control what the Iris captures at any time and prevents potential intruders viewing video through the webcam.

Clear Audio with Noise Cancelling Mics

Stunt the awkward pauses and disruptions that can dampen video calls.The Iris’s two in-built stereo microphones that capture the right natural sounds and dimmish distractive noise. This is a great help for professional meetings and for playback quality of content such as webinars, vlogs and explainer videos.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the IRIS Webcam compatible with my computer?

The IRIS A09 Webcam is compatible with modern versions of Windows, macOS and ChromeOS.

Its plug and play drivers will automatically recognise your computer's operating system and install the correct software.

This process may take a few minutes.

To see if your IRIS A09 Webcam has been successfully installed:


Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and Devices > Devices and see if "IRIS A09 Webcam" is listed.


Open a program which uses the webcam, such as FaceTime or Photo Booth and check if IRIS A09 is a selectable camera.

Does IRIS work with Linux?

Users have reported successfully using the IRIS A09 Webcam with Linux distributions, however we don't offer any support for those operating systems.

My computer is not recognising my IRIS A09 webcam.

The IRIS A09 Webcam's drivers can take a few minutes to install.

If your webcam is not appearing after a few minutes:

Try unplugging your IRIS webcam, restarting your computer and plugging it back in.

If this doesn't resolve your issue, contact ALOGIC support and our experts will help you sort it out.

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