ALOGIC Ultra USB-C to Dual 4K HDMI Adapter with 100W Charging

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See more with two 4K displays

Whether you’re upgrading your home office, building the ultimate data analysis station or a dual-screen setup to watch the football while you game the night away, there’s nothing better than two 4K 60hz screens.

Two HDMI 2.2 ports with full support for HDR, 4K UHD resolutions up to 4096x2160 at 60hz, all over a single DP Alt Mode-compatible USB-C cable.

Immerse yourself in ultra-high-definition content, or see your business in a whole new way with dual 4K connectivity.

*macOS computers can only extend to one additional display. Two displays can be used in mirror mode.

Plug and Play

Say goodbye to the tedium of configuring displays with easy Plug and Display™ technology.

Simply plug the adapter into your computer’s DP Alt Mode compatible USB-C Port (consult the manual to see if your USB-C port is compatible), attach the HDMI cables and you’re good to go. No big deal.

100W Laptop Charging

Leave your bulky power brick at home and charge your laptop directly through the USB-C Dual HDMI Adapter.

Just plug the adapter into a USB-C PD power source, such as our ultra-compact, travel-friendly 4x100 Rapid Power GaN Charger, and you’ll never need to lug that clunky power brick around again.

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