Matrix Universal Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh

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The heart the Matrix modular charging ecosystem, our pocket-sized magnetic power bank is your safeguard against life’s unexpected detours. Just snap it on for a full recharge, wherever you are.

Matrix 3-in-1 Charging Dock shown in video sold separately.

15W Fast Charging

Portrait or Landscape

MagSafe and Qi

Magnetic Ring Included

Qi Charging Cradle

Fast Charging for Earbuds

Charge Two Phones at Once

USB-C Charging Output

Connects to Apple Watch


Our Magnetic Power Bank’s generous 5,000mAh battery has enough juice to recharge your phone, earbuds and smartwatch from 0-100%.

Magnetic Ring Included

Take advantage of magnetic charging by attaching the included Magnetic Support Ring to your Qi-compatible Android phone. Then, just snap the power bank onto your phone to charge!

Recharges alongside your phone

Slide your Matrix Power Bank into a Matrix Car Mount or Charging Dock to recharge it together with your phone.

Prepared for anything

The Matrix Power Bank works with every other Matrix charger, ensuring you’ll never run flat in an emergency.

Package Includes

  • 1 Matrix Magnetic 5,000mAh Power Bank
  • 2 Magnetic Support Ring and Alignment Tool
  • 3 Quick Start Guide
Frequently Asked Questions


Which Matrix devices can this power bank connect to?
The Matrix Power Bank can connect to all other Matrix chargers.
The Power Bank can connect to the Magnetic Charging Dock (2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Charger) and Car Mount by slotting it in.
This allows you to recharge your power bank at the same time as your phone, without the hassle of dealing with cables.
The Matrix Apple Watch Charger can be plugged into the Matrix Power Bank to charge your Apple Watch on the go.
How do I check the battery level?
To check how charged your Matrix Power Bank is, hold it with the charging pad facing away from you and press the round button on the top of the device.
After flashing once, the button’s white LEDs will fill up in a clockwise pattern starting from the top to indicate how full the battery is.
Diagram showing the charge level of the Matrix Power Bank battery
Eg. If the first three LEDs (clock positions 12, 1 & 3) are lit up, your power bank is 25% charged.
How can I recharge my Matrix Wireless Power Bank?
Recharging the Matrix Wireless Power Bank is easy and it gets more convenient when you own other Matrix Chargers.
If all you own is the Power Bank, you’ll need to plug it into a USB-C power source via the USB-C port on the bottom.
If you own a Matrix 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Dock or a Wireless Car Charger, you can quickly recharge your Power Bank by sliding out those devices’ Wireless Charging Pad and replacing it with the Power Bank, which can recharge even while being used to charge your phone.
While the Power Bank is recharging, its USB-C port can’t be used to charge other devices.
How long does the power bank take to charge?
The Matrix Wireless Power Bank takes approximately two hours to fully charge in the Matrix Magnetic Charging Dock or Matrix Car Mount. If connected directly to the included 30W USB-C Power Adapter, the Power Bank only takes one hour to charge.
What colours is this power bank available in?
Matrix Power Banks are currently available in Black (Part Code: MSPB5K) and White (MSPB5KWH).
What’s the difference between the Matrix Wireless Power Bank and the Wireless Charging Pads included the Car Charger and Docks?
The Matrix 2/3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Docks and Wireless Car Charger include Wireless Charging Pads for use with the dock/car mount.
This wireless charging pad is a compact, 15W MagSafe-compatible Qi charger and can be used slotted into the dock/car mount, or by itself if plugged into a USB-C power source.
The Matrix 5,000mAh Wireless Power Bank has two additional features:
A 5,000mAh battery to recharge devices without a power source The ability to charge other devices using via its USB-C port, using battery power.

So, while the charging pad can only charge one MagSafe-compatible device and needs to be connected to a power source (USB-C or a Matrix dock), the Power Bank can provide on-the-go charging without being plugged in.


Can this charge my iPhone?
Matrix Chargers work with all MagSafe and Qi-compatible iPhones, with speeds of 7.5W.
MagSafe iPhones (iPhone 12 or later) work out of the box with Matrix. Just snap your phone onto the charger and it will automatically align to the optimal charging position.
iPhones 8, 9, 10 and 11 also work with Matrix, however you first need to attach the included Magnetic Support Ring to the back of your iPhone or preferred case to allow it to attach to the Matrix Magnetic Charger.
Can this charge my Android phone?

Matrix wireless chargers are compatible with any Android phone that supports Qi wireless charging.
They can deliver power at speeds up to 15W.
Almost all modern Android phones that support wireless charging use Qi, and can charge with Matrix.
This includes:
Samsung Galaxy S7 or later
Samsung Note 5 or later
Samsung Galaxy Z/Flip and Fold
Google Pixel 3 or later

To use a Qi-charging phone with a Matrix magnetic charger, you will need to attach the included Magnetic Support Ring onto the back of your phone or case.
To make this as easy as possible, Matrix chargers include an alignment tool with measurements for the most popular Android phones, to ensure the ring correctly aligns your phone to its optimal charging position.
The Matrix Magnetic Charging Dock also features a second, flat Qi-charging cradle which can charge a Qi-compatible phone at a speed of 5W.

The Matrix Wireless Power Bank and Magnetic Charging Dock also support 7.5W wired charging over a USB-C cable for phones that do not support wireless charging.
Will my phone case work with Matrix magnetic charging?
Like other MagSafe-compatible chargers, Matrix are designed to work with phones using either:
a. MagSafe-compatible cases or;
b. Cases less than 4mm thick
Using a case thicker than 4mm without in-built MagSafe-compatibility is likely to interfere with wireless charging and your phone's adherence to the carger.
Attaching the Magnetic Ring included with Matrix Products to your case may improve magnetic and charging reliability, however this is not recommended for cases with metal components, as these may overheat during charging.


Why isn't my phone charging?
If your phone isn’t charging while connected to the magnetic charging pad, there are a few quick troubleshooting steps that should get you charging again.

Double check your phone is compatible with either Qi or MagSafe charging. If it doesn’t support these styles of wireless charging, it won’t work with Matrix.
If using a Matrix Power Bank, check if the power bank is charged by pressing the top button. If no LEDs light up, you need to recharge your Power Bank.
Remove your phone from the charger and remove your phone from the charger and reattach it, ensuring the centre of your phone aligns with the ring on the charging pad.
Ensure your Matrix magnetic charging pad, charging dock or car charger is plugged into a power source of at least 20w via its rear/bottom USB-C cable.
If your phone is in a case, try removing it. Cases thicker than 4mm can interfere with wireless charging.
Matrix Magnetic Chargers have a number of safety features that can disable charging in case of danger. To ensure one of these is not interfering with operation:
Check that there are no other objects on the charging surface, especially ones between the phone and charger. Objects not designed for MagSafe charging may heat up during the charging process and damage the charger or your phone. When detected, the charger switches off.
Ensure your phone does not contain small metallic elements, such as foil logos. These may overheat during charging and damage the case, phone and charger.
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