Choosing the Best Webcam for Work

Choosing the Best Webcam for Work

Forecasters expect the global video conferencing market to boom this decade. With the right webcams, businesses have the potential to excel in the world of video communications.

This decade, WFH mandates have made video communication the norm for most businesses. Some, however, approach video communication more professionally than others.

One of the easiest ways to professionalise your video communication is to incorporate the right webcam.

At ALOGIC, we entered the video camera market this year with the launch of our new web camera, the IRIS Webcam.

The IRIS is a metallic-finished camera designed to help businesses look and sound like they are always on their A-game.

It’s also proven to be our lens into what really matters with webcams in homes and businesses.

To learn more about what might make a webcam right for your business, read on.

 The Best Business Webcam for a Professional Impression

Before thinking about the features of your ideal webcam, it’s a good idea to consider the types of business challenges you want your webcam to address.

Remote employees state that webcams have improved their interpersonal connectedness during the pandemic.

Zoom found 84% of managers are more confident hiring job candidates who keep cameras on during interviews.

Almost three-quarters of its respondents also agree that their conversations are better quality with video on too.

Businesses who embrace video communications also potentially need travel less. They reclaim time, decrease business costs, and improve collaboration. They can also reset work/life balance, and record and archive communications.

 A Checklist for Choosing Your Webcam

When shopping for the best webcam for your needs, we recommend you pay close attention to the following webcam features:

  • Resolution: Many modern laptop webcams only support image resolutions up to 720p [HD]. HD is serviceable picture quality for casual video chats. But for more professional video communication, opt for a 1080p [Full HD] webcam.
  • Frame rate: Look for a webcam capable of showing at least 30 frames per second. You will provide your audience with a more fluid and lifelike video experience.
  • Autofocus: Autofocus cameras ensure you’re clearly visible at any proximity to the camera. Some cameras, including the IRIS Webcam, also have AI Autofocus. This feature ensures your face is in focus as you move around the shot.
  • Lighting features: A camera with light sensor technology can identify and correct your video to ensure your primary subjects and objects are reliably lit.



  • Audio: Be aware that some web cameras do not have a built-in microphone. Businesses who choose these need to buy and set up a separate microphone. If you want a web camera with an in-built microphone, consider a noise-cancelling one. Noise-cancelling microphones minimise distractive background noise. They also ensure your main subject is easy to hear.
  • Field of view: If you just want your face in shot, a webcam with a narrow field of view will suit. If you want a full office in shot, and several colleagues in view, look for a camera with a wider field of view. Expect most web cameras to feature a field of view between 65-90 degrees.
  • Privacy: Many webcams feature privacy lens caps today. Lens caps are a very easy way to secure your privacy and security


Looking Your Best on Video

 Video conferences, vlogs, streams, or webinars are much more engaging when the picture quality is professional.

To get the most out of your webcam, keep the following best practices for video production in mind:

  • Think carefully about what you want in your frame. You probably don’t want a mountain of laundry in the background
  • Look into your camera, rather than your screen
  • Choose a higher camera angle over a lower one
  • Check your background before you take a call or record a video
  • Aim to have natural light coming from behind your camera. It will light you or your subject/object
  • Speak into your microphone from one-two feet away
  • Dress to suit the occasion.

How ALOGIC’s IRIS Webcam Helps Your Video Communication  

The IRIS is a plug-and-play web camera that captures beautiful video experiences with the following features:

1080p Video: The IRIS is a Full HD webcam. Its 1080p [30Hz] resolution helps you project a crisp image on video.

Light Sensor Technology: IRIS light sensor technology identifies and corrects for poor lighting. No more shadows and silhouettes when your camera is on.

AI Autofocus: The IRIS has the smarts to automatically focus on the right subjects and objects in shot. When it’s time for your audience to focus on you, the IRIS is ready.

Clear Audio with Noise Cancelling Mics: The IRIS Webcam features two in-built stereo microphones that dial up the right sounds and dial down the distractive ones. Be heard clearly when it matters.

A Webcam for Privacy Conscious Users: Use the IRIS’s lens cover to prevent potential cyber criminals viewing video through the webcam.

Compatible With Video Conferencing Software: The IRIS is compatible with many mainstream video softwares, including Zoom, Teams, Skype, Messenger, and ManyCam. 

Learn more about how ALOGIC’s IRIS Webcam makes video communication professional here.

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