MagForce Cable Management Helps Organise Your Desk

MagForce Cable Management Helps Organise Your Desk

As ALOGIC expands its range of MagForce adapters and mini-hubs in 2022, it will enable households and offices to make cable management even easier.

It’s one thing to have a desk at home. It’s another to spend eight hours at it. It’s another, still, to do that five days a week.

As WFH continues its renaissance as mandate, preference, and trend, in 2022, that’s what many households are reckoning with.

Some are fronting up on kitchen tables. Some are using their laps. Others are blessed with professional-quality desks.

Whatever the practicality and ergonomics of your workstation set up, one simple way to calm your desk is to practice good cable management.

This year, ALOGIC is set make good cable management even easier, as it releases its expanding range of MagForce adapters and mini-hubs.

All adapters and mini hubs in the MagForce range feature ALOGIC’s patented MagForce cable management technology.

Our designers and engineers have developed MagForce to help adapter and mini-hub users keep unwieldy cables in check.

Magforce Technology Explained: Tidy Office Ideas

MagForce magnetically contains your in-built adapter cable when your adapter or mini-hub is idle.

The aluminium/TPE connector, which heads a highly bendable and durable flat silicon cable, features a soft pad that magnetically attaches to the adapter’s metal alloy housing.

By minimising the clutter at your desk, MagForce reduces the risk of accidents and mishaps, such as spills, which can be disruptive, or even costly.

If you disconnect your adapter while it’s idle, MagForce contains your cable, so you can better organise the essential accessories you need in the available space you have on your desk.

De-cluttering the limited desk space you have positively impacts your state of mind and readiness for work, studies have found.

The other pain point MagForce salves pertains to storage.

The MagForce adapter and mini-hub range is already flyweight and compact, but MagForce technology makes it even easier to fit the adapters and hubs into drawers and bag pockets tangle-free.

This is especially helpful in those mobile, remote and WFH work scenarios where portability and convenience are paramount.

Better Connectivity with the Magforce Range

ALOGIC’s MagForce range features a wide variety of adapters and hubs to accommodate a wide variety of connectivity needs.

Adapters and mini-hubs within the range enable you to share your USB-C device screens across various other screens in your household or office, including external computer monitors, TVs, and projectors, in 4K resolutions.

Some of the range items include USB-A connectivity to run desk essentials including keyboard, mouse and phone.

And some also feature 100W USB Power Delivery passthrough capability, so you can fast-charge your laptop.

In such small devices, big things are possible.

Learn more about ALOGIC’s MagForce range today.

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