Keep Your Devices Safe & Secure With A SmartBox.

Keep Your Devices Safe & Secure With A SmartBox.

Keep Your Devices Safe & Secure With A Smartbox:

Smartboxes, also known as charging trolleys, have been widely adopted into education and government sectors as well as large corporations. Particularly those using hotspot workstations or where numerous devices are shared. They act as a convenient all-in-one solution for easy distribution, safe storage and convenient charging for devices such as laptop and tablets.

The most significant benefit is its ability to be transported between multiple locations with ease, perfect for shared use. Most trolleys will feature locking systems such as a steel padlock or combination lock and shelves that are easily accessible for loading and retrieval of devices.

For peace of mind, it’s recommended that the charging trolley you choose is enabled with safe power management as it can have significant impact on your safety and the battery life of your laptop or tablet. Some charging trolleys operate via a timer, while others use intelligent charging systems to determine the best charging sequence without any programming required to ensure the devices are protected from any circuit overload and power surges.

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