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Rapid 5000mAh Power Bank - Black

Part No RA05BK
The ALOGIC Rapid 5,000mAh Power Bank is designed to be amongst the most compact, and functional charging solutions on the market. Offering simplicity, it is the perfect companion when you want a portable easy to carry power source for one device. The power bank features a USB-C port to charge the power bank and a USB-A port with 5V/2.4A output to charge your smartphones or tablets.
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Part No.RA05BK
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Warranty 2 Years
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Physical Characteristics Colour: Black | EDs: 4 Bar LED Indicators | Material: Polished ABS | Dimension: (mm) 98.2 x 62mm x 12.7mm | Battery Capacity :5000mAh
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Input USB-C (5V/ 2.1A Max)
Output USB-A (5V/2.4A)
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Package Includes Rapid 5000mAh Power Bank x 1, 30cm USB-C to USB-A cable x 1, User Manual x 1
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Barcode (EAN) 9350784019677

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