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Q. Will I need to install any drivers to use this dock?
A. Depending on your USB port you may have to install a driver. The driver can be found at the following link.

Q. How do I know if I need to install a driver or not?
A. If you have a USB-C port with Thunderbolt 3 or DP Alt mode you will not need to install a driver. If your USB-C port doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3 or DP ALT mode, or you are using a USB-A port with USB 3.0 then yes you will have to install the driver from the following link.

Q. What is DisplayLink?
A. Provides a universal docking solution to any supporting platform, enabling multiple displays, audio, Ethernet and other USB peripherals to be connected to PCs, Macs and tablets through the USB port (including USB-C port)

Q. Are all USB-C ports the same?
A. No not all USB-C ports are the same. Some can support video, data and power where others can only support data.

Q. Will my laptop support a monitor being plugged into the dock?
A. Yes, if your Laptop has a USB 3.0 port. For some USB ports you may require the DisplayLink drivers to be installed

Q. What is DP-ALT mode?
A. DP-ALT mode allows video and data to go over a single USB-C cable. Not all USB-C ports can support DP-ALT mode. 

Q. How can I tell what my USB-C port will support?
A. Most USB-C ports should have a symbol next to it to help identify what function they are able to perform. Please see below for the symbols to help identity what function the USB-C port will perform. If you are still unsure what your USB-C port can support, please contact the manufacturer of your laptop.

Q. Can I plug my 4k screen into this dock?
A. Yes, this dock can support a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz using a DisplayPort cable that supports this resolution. The HDMI port can support a maximum of 3840x2160 at 30Hz using a HDMI cable that can support this.

Q. Can I plug two monitors into this dock?
A.Yes, this dock can support two monitors connected to it. You can even connect three monitors to this dock. Depending on your USB port and your operating system you may have to install the DisplayLink drivers to get multiply monitors to work.

Q. Can I charge my laptop through this dock when it is plugged into my laptop?
A.Yes, this dock allows for power pass through on compatible USB-C ports.

Q. My laptop allows for charging through the USB-C port, but it won’t charge with this dock.
A. Some manufacturers don’t allow 3rd party chargers or accessories to work. Please check with your manufacturer that your laptop will support 3rd party accessories.

Q. Will the USB-A ports on my laptop work with this dock if I use a USB-A to USB-C adapter?
A. Yes, this dock will work with an adapter. It won’t charge your laptop and you will have to install the DisplayLink drivers.

Q. Will this dock work without a power cable plugged in?
A. No, this dock will not work without a power supply connected

Q. Will this work with my smart phone?
A. Yes, this dock will work with some compatible smart phones. Please confirm with the manufacturer that the phone supports DP-ALT mode and power pass through. Please note that this product hasn’t been tested with smart phones.

Q. Why do I have problems with my Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices when USB 3 devices are attached to my computer?
A. Some devices can generate the same radio frequency that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices use (2.4GHz band). Try moving the dock away from your laptop. Also try switching your Wi-Fi band to 5Ghz instead. Please see the following link for Intel’s statement on the issue

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